Building Management Services

What does our Building Management Service Offer?

– Provides a trained Building Manager who oversees the operational requirements and performance of your building

– Prepares ‘Asset Registers’

– Sources proposals for required routine maintenance and provides recommendations

– Oversees the performance of engaged service providers

– Provides monthly reports to the Strata Company

– Reports on builder’s defects (New Buildings Only)


Monthly Client Report

The report includes the following:

– Summary of reportable items

– Maintenance & Repairs performed: painting, irrigation / plumbing, fire equipment, mechanical / ventilation, drainage, lifts, lighting and electrical, landscape and grounds, cleaning and waste, security, and miscellaneous

– Incidents and issues within the complex

– Compliance services: fire services, lifts, city water, and pool, with due and completion dates

– Recommendations and proposals for client consideration

– Services completed by contractors including what was addressed, the outcome and the date

– Other specific and relevant comments, such as the status of pending quotes.

– Where applicable, a financial expenditure report


What are the Benefits?

– Ensures better building compliance

– Effectively manages the building assets, extending the life and value of the assets

– Ongoing management of the operating costs

– Reduces the purchasing costs as a result of the bulk buying power of the company

– A technical and experienced single point of contact for any operational issues or concerns

– Provides for the Council of Owners to not feel like they have a second job